Rex over Beck

Today Redskins fans got the news that they were all waiting for. Rex Grossman was named the starter for the opening game against the New York Giants on September 11. During the pre-season finale against the Tampa Bay Bucs, all signs pointed to Rex being the starter for the season. Rex held a clipboard in a meaningless glorified scrimmage against the Bucs, while Beck threw for a miserable 10/21 for 108 yards 1 TD 1 INT. What does this all mean? Never listen to a career backup run his mouth about how he is the starter for an NFL team. The best thing John Beck has done for the skins over the last six months is print copies of the playbook to give to rookies to study. Beck did not look terrible in the pre-season, but he also did not look good enough to win over the coaches. Redskins coaches and fans know what they are getting out of Grossman. Sad to say, I think they would rather not know what Beck can do in a regular season game.


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