One Last Shot

Going in to week 7 of the NFL season the Redskins are in a familiar place. No they are not in last place, but they are looking for another answer at quarterback. We all saw Grossman throw four terrible interceptions against the Philadelphia Eagles. Three of the four interceptions were thrown to the same person.  Despite Rex Grossman playing a terrible game this past Sunday, he still has the support from his teammates. Offensive Captain Santana Moss stood up for his quarterback yesterday afternoon in a short interview. “I think he deserves to start,” Moss said. Although, Grossman was pulled in the fourth quarter of the game, I still believe Shanahan will stick with Rex against Carolina this weekend. Is it the right move? We will find out Sunday if that’s the move Shanahan makes.

The Redskins are stuck with two below average quarterbacks. Grossman has proven over his career he is nothing but journeyman backup. Beck has proven he is an all-star clipboard holder. It was only a matter of time before it all hit the fan. With that being said, let’s not forget Grossman was the one who lead this team to three wins. After one terrible game we should not call for his head. Give him a shot in Carolina against a 22nd ranked defense to redeem himself. Rex also knows he is on a short leash, and this is his last shot in his career. Give the man another shot. *Plays Eminem- Lose Yourself*


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