Remain Optimistic

This Sunday in Carolina John Beck will make his first start since 2007. Beck takes over the Redskins qb job after Rex Grossman threw 4 interceptions against the Philadelphia Eagles. Grossman also accounts for every turnover the Redskins have committed over five games. The Skins qb situation can be summed up in many different ways. It can be looked at as putting a band- aid on a open flesh wound, trying to fit a circle in a square peg, or you can sum it up as just abysmal. When Shanahan entered week 1 of the season, he made an improvement on a lot of positions that were lagging. He got rid of old players, and drafted young talent. Although, Shanahan will not admit it but the Redskins are in a rebuilding year. Which is why he stuck with Grossman, and Beck as the potential starters for this team.

The quarterback market entering the draft this year was dry. Shanahan knew he couldn’t draft a qb high with all of the needs the Skins needed to fulfill. In the first two rounds the Redskins drafted for defense, which was ranked last in the NFL in 2010. Ryan Kerrigan who is having a solid rookie campaign, and Jarvis Jenkins, who before tearing his ACL looked outstanding in the Pre-Season. Two major picks that will be the cornerstone for this defense for years to come. Shanahan knew he had two possible game managers in the stable at qb, and not two bonified starters. As Skins fans let’s hope Beck can manage the game, and not throw the game away. You can also remain optimistic that he will be the long term solution here in Washington. Beck is 30 years old with no mileage. This Sunday Beck has a golden opportunity starting against the panthers 22nd ranked defense, which has struggled against the pass all year. John Beck also gets Anthony Armstrong back on the field at 100%, who is always a down the field deep threat.

In the next four games Washington faces Carolina, Buffalo, San Francisco, and Miami. The Panthers and Dolphins are two winnable games. The surprising 49ers and Bills will be two tough tasks for the Skins. If Washington can pull off 2 wins with John Beck at quarterback against their next four opponents, this team will be sitting at 5-4 going into the meat of their schedule. Nobody picked this team to win more than 5 games in this rebuilding year. With proper game management at QB, solid running back play, and a stingy top 5 defense, this team can still surprise some people.



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